Fast, efficient and paperless information distribution

with Sportity app

Sportity app is an paperless information solution for sport events

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Information is vital for a successful event! It needs to be delivered fast to everybody. It also needs to be easily accessible and readily available.

Sportity app is created to increase the speed and efficiency of information distribution and to reduce the use of paper.

Sportity app keeps all the event related information readily available in your phone or tablet.

Push notifications keep you informed as soon as new information is published. All information is avaliable offline.

Distribute all the necessary information to all your participants quickly and easily. Provide targeted information by creating several user profiles. Communicate any changes quickly to all the participants.

Sportity app is extremely easy to use. Download the app, enter the password and all the necessary information is readily available.


Easy to use

Simply download and enter an event password

All information in one place

All event related documents and result links stored in one place

Targeted for user profile

Information distributed according to user profile

Fast and up to date

Push notifications keeps everyone informed as soon as new document is available

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